OCC MGA & OLGA Matches

​Two of the most important and active groups at OCC are the Men's and Ladie's Golf Associations. The MGA and the OLGA. These groups consist of male and female golfers at the club who wish to contribute time and money to ongoing efforts to both improve the golf course and undertake various other projects which contribute to enhanced golfing experiences at Oakwoods.

These associations have their own distinct group of officers to provide leadership and direction to the associations' efforts. Over the 55 year life of OCC, the fundraising efforts of the members of these groups have financed many important and enduring improvements to our golf course and clubhouse. Examples include providing funds to pay for having yardages recorded on sprinkler heads throughout the course, financing and building the restroom at number 4 tee, significant and ongoing landscaping and beautification projects, building a bridge between holes number 2 and 3 fairways, installing practice mats on the range for use in inclement weather, among many others. The golf associations organize and direct many golf tournaments, raffles, auctions, and sweat equity projects of various kinds to provide benefits to the club.

OCC members are strongly encourage to consider joining one of these groups and participating in the many activities that are enjoyable and rewarding for its members, and very beneficial to the club. The current officers for each organization is as follows:

  Oakwoods Ladies Golf Association                        Oakwoods Men's Golf Association

                  Debbie Webster - President                                        Nick Brock - President
                   Reba Byrd - Vice President                                      Ron Brown - Vice President
                     Dee Vannoy - Secretary                                 Brian Robbins - Secretary/Treasurer
                     Angela Eller - Treasurer


Each association requires an annual membership fee of $25.00. Join us won't you!


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